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Company Profile

Representative: Hideki SEMBOKUYA
Date of Foundation: Dec. 15, 1962
Capital fund: 90 million yen (about 1 million $)
Number of Employees: 30

41, Higashimatano, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama,
Kanagawa 245-0065, JAPAN
TEL: +81-45-851-2480 (Operator. Japanese only.)
FAX: +81-45-851-5415 (Office)
Site: 3,015 m2 / Building 2,664 m2
E-mail: (Japanese/English)

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Main Business:
  • Metal 3D printing service
  • Prototype of die-cast parts manufactured by machining
  • Prototype manufacturing: transport-related parts
  • Small lot part manufacturing: aerospace field
  • Micro-machining: Parts for electronic & optical equipment, and precision machines
  • Optic-related and other jigs & tools, etc.

Message from Company Representative

Our technology, cultivated through the manufacturing of press dies/molds for electrical components in automobiles, enables us to cope with orders for precision processing of prototypes or small lot parts using various NC machines for a short delivery time. Our process is supported by the fusion of skill hands and computer controlled machines.

We installed a metal 3D printing machine in December 2016.
The machine is Concept Laser M2. photo
We can print and post-process metalic materials.
Now, formable materials are 316L stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
3D printing samples

In particular, we have a unique material for prototypes of aluminum die-casting product. Most popular aluminum alloy for die-casting is called ADC12(JIS), AlSi12Cu2Fe(ISO), 383.0(ASTM), AC-46000(Germany) and so on. Our original aluminum is composed of the same materials as ADC12. Furthermore, our aluminum block is VOIDLESS (no cavity) and good for machining or cutting.

Cutting Surface of Our Voidless ADC12
Stock Size:230x380x1000mm

And we have also voidless AlSi10Mg block. We can machine prototype parts by using this material.

So, if you would like to make a prototype, we can machine from this special material. (We do not sell this material because we are manufacturer.) By this method, you can evaluate prototypes made by same constituent as mass die-casting production. Thus, we contribute to hasten your research and development period.

We look forward to your continued support.

Representative Director and President
Hideki SEMBOKUYA, Dr. Eng.

Main Facilities

Metal 3D Printing Machine1
Machining Center23
Wire Electrical Discharge Machine11
Die-sinking Electrical Discharge Machine2
Small-hole Electrical Discharge Machine2
NC Lathe3
Surface Grinder / Molding Grinder6
Press Machine (30-80 ton)4
3D Measuring Machine3
NC Image Measurement Device1
Contour Measurement Device1
Digital Microscope1

About Our Logo Mark

Our company's logo mark is designed by a spark and a drill. The spark means the electrical discharge machining and the drill means the mechanical cutting technology. These two elements are key technologies of us.

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